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What Happens If You Use The Wrong Fluids In Your Car?

Every fluid has a critical role when it comes to the overall performance of our vehicle. For instance, engine oil helps the engine and the combustion chamber so it can perform optimally, brake oil targets the brakes, and similarly, transmission oils boost the performance of gears and transmission. Hence, using the wrong fluids can damage your car and lead to malfunction. You should specifically buy engine oil, gear oil, transmission oil, brake fluids, and greases for the purpose it is required. Never compromise with these fluids or else there could be severe damage to the car parts and its overall performance.

Why Should Wrong Fluids Not Be Used In Cars?

Each set of oils and lubricants has a dedicated job. It plays a significant role to help maintain the efficiency of the given part. When you use the wrong fluids, it can negatively impact your car’s performance. It can result in a breakdown, damage, and poor performance. Using the wrong fluid is one of the worst mistakes that people make. It leads to poor lubrication of auto parts, overheating of the engine, and also transmission failure. It can invite serious repair costs and sometimes cause irreparable damage to your vehicle.

Here are some of the problems which could happen if you ever use the wrong set of fluids:

Motor Oil Slip-Ups

Depending upon the brand and the engine requirements, there are a wide variety of motor oil available in the market. Motor oil should be used according to the requirements, viscosity, and grades. You can buy any brand of oil but the viscosity and grade should be specific. Using the wrong motor oil can lead to improper lubrication and in turn, result in shorter than expected engine life. Using synthetic oil may be fine but you should check with experts before using it. They will advise you about the viscosity requirement and performance.

Glued-Up Gears

Only use the specified fluids by the automaker. You should use automatic transmission fluid for automatic cars and manual for manual transmission. Putting the wrong fluid can lead to poor lubrication, overheating, and transmission failure. Please be sure of what kind of fluid you are using because mistakenly adding motor oil or other fluids can cause a lot of damage to the engine.

Battery Fluid

It is advisable to only use distilled water for batteries since it doesn’t have any other salts or minerals. People often make the mistake of adding tap water to their batteries. This causes performance issues as tap water contains minerals and affects the battery’s internal lead plates. It further reduces the power supply and reduces the life of the battery too.


Special Sauce For Your Brakes

Brake systems require dedicated brake fluids for their hydraulics and it is specifically made to serve the purpose. Now if you use any other type of fluid then it can cause problems and possibly lead to the failure of brake systems. It is advisable to get your car services and brake systems inspected whenever you find the brake fluid is low or if there is any leak or performance issues.

More Washer-Fluid No-Nos

Use good quality washer fluid to clean the car and remove the deadly bacteria because water only may not be enough. It is advisable to use proper cleaning fluids or better hygiene and health of your car. Whether it is doors, windshield, dashboard, or car’s finishing, washer fluid can do the job properly. Ordinary liquids can impact the system and create an unfavourable environment in the cabin of your car. It might also get stuck to the air system and hydraulics of the car and cause damage.

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