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Signs You Need To Change Your Brake Fluid

Your brakes are acting up and won’t work as efficiently as before. They’re making odd noises; you detect strange odors coming from the vents; plus, you now have dashboard lights flashing. This is definitely bad news regarding the safety aspect of your vehicle. Mercifully enough, you’re not dealing with a motor or transmission issue. You only need a brake fluid change. Nonetheless, this simple fix bears much importance when it comes to driving safely.

What Does Brake Fluid Do For A Vehicle?

First off, the brakes in most of the new vehicles are hydraulic. They use brake fluid, which allows them to work properly when you apply pressure with your foot. Thus, when you press the pedal, the brake fluids transform that force into pressure. The brake fluid is the main actor between the car’s front and rear brake actions. Because liquids can’t condense and aren’t compressible, they are a great option for brakes. And while brake fluid is designed to last for a long time that still doesn’t mean forever.

With a little bit of driving experience and a decent knowledge of the car you drive, in most cases, you will notice that something is not functioning correctly.

Signs To Change Brake Fluid

Below are the most often common signs that you need to change the brake fluid.

Issues With Your Brake Pedal

If your brake pedal feels soft, loose, or you must push it all the way to the floor before your brakes start working, a brake fluid change is in order. Low brake fluid will allow air to fill any gaps in the brake line which ultimately will lead to soft brakes.

ABS Light Comes On

The ABS light (or Anti-lock Braking System) illuminates whenever there is something wrong with the braking system. While the most common reason is a replacement of brake fluid (or a need to top it off), there are other reasons as well, so don’t ignore it, and make sure a professional mechanic checks your brakes.

ABS Light

Ineffective Braking Performance

Brakes should work fast and be responsive. Any difficulties that occur while slowing down or stopping means the car breaks need to be serviced. Quite often, this fix will involve the brake fluid.

Strange Noises When Braking

If there are strange noises during braking, it is either low brake fluid or another brake system issue to blame. The most common sounds are grinding or scraping noises.

A Burning Smell

Overheated brakes are another dangerous problem. So, you’ll need to stop driving immediately and give your brakes some time to cool down. In moments like this, you will smell a harsh chemical odor, like burnt metal or rubber.

Once you’ve determined that your car needs a brake fluid change, you want to be sure to use the best product that guarantees optimum brake performance such as those offered by Shield Lubricants. We offer the best quality brake fluid across the countries for smooth functioning of the brake system in all types of extreme conditions.

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