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Shield’s Best Marine Oils 2021

For better health and performance of your marine engine and its tools, you need to find the best marine oils. It is important to choose a product that can boost its performance and add longevity.

Marine engines and machinery operate differently. It needs the finest quality oils and lubricants to help it run harder and faster. At Shield Lubricants, we understand it better than anyone else.

Dealing with these marine capabilities is different and that’s why you often need specific marine products. Whether it is the engine or its critical components, you need nothing but the best quality products.

These tools must be taken good care of and maintained meticulously for superior performance. We all know how difficult it has become to find the right marine products. But don’t worry! You are at the right place. Shield brings you the best marine oils and other products. There is some good news for you.

We offer you the best products but before we find out more about it, let’s know a little about us. Shield Lubricants is a high-quality Kuwaiti lubricant manufacturer and supplier.

We have a wide variety of premium quality products. Be it lubricant, oils, greases, and coolants or any type of automotive, industrial and marine oils applications, we have a wide range of products for you.

Shield’s Best Marine Oils 2021

Cylinder Oil


Shield’s Marine Cylinder Oils are the highest quality oils crafted for cross-head engines running from low sulphur fuel to high sulphur fuel. This particular oil is specifically engineered to provide optimum protection from adhesive and corrosive wear and tear.

It usually occurs in diesel engines operating under higher pressures and temperatures. This is why you should only use cylinder oil which is anti-adhesive and anti-corrosion.

We take immense pride in offering you the best value for price in the world when it comes to marine oils and lubricants. Our clients across the globe and various government setups exclusively use Shield Lubricants.

We know the value of our clients servicing their heavy equipment with premium quality lubricant and marine oils. This helps in extending the lives of their critical assets and at the same time keeping the maintenance and operational costs low.

Shield’s cylinder oil boosts the performance and adds significant life to the components. We have a wide range of grades that you can choose from which means you get all the products under one roof.

Some of the Grades available are as follows: 5040, 5050, 5070, 5080, 50100

Marine Diesel Oil


Shield’s Marine Diesel Oils are uniquely designed for use in medium speed diesel engines applications. The use of modern additive technology gives it superior flexibility and compatibility needed for engine cleanliness and protection. Shield’s marine diesel is the best quality product.

Our marine diesel oil is a premium product made of the finest quality base oil. These oils are available in all the major grades needed such as SAE 30 & SAE 40 viscosity grades with a Total Base Number (TBN) of 10, 12, 15 & 20.

Grades available are: 3010, 3012, 3015, 3020, 4010, 4012, 4015, 4020


System Engine Oil


Experts recommend using only the finest quality system engine oil for prolonged life. And also, for maximum output from the engines. Shield’s Marine System Engine Oil are premium quality finest system oils manufactured for modern-day highly rated low-speed cross-head marine engines.

It also works for those who employ system oil for piston cooling. What it means is that you get the premium quality system engine oil at fair value. These oils are carefully formulated from high-quality paraffinic base oils. It is further integrated with the latest additive technology to provide the system with excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance.

Without proper thermal stability and oxidative properties, the performance of the marine tools may become inefficient. We bring to you the best system engine oil. These products have adequate alkalinity to neutralize any sort of strong acids. These acids usually enter into the crankcase resulting from the combustion of fuel sulphur. Shield system engine oil offers great protection.

Grades Available are 3005, 3006, 3008

Trunk Piston Engine Oil


We bring to you the best quality Trunk Piston Engine Oils (TPEO). Shield’s Marine Trunk Piston Engine Oils are perfectly engineered for use in medium-speed diesel engines operating on residual fuels in marine, power generation and industrial applications.

Our trunk piston engine oil comes with superior additive technology. It also provides excellent engine cleanliness and wears protection under all kinds of different difficult operating conditions. These oils are available in most common in demand SAE 30 and 40 viscosity grades with a Total Base Number (TBN) ranging from 30 to 55.

There are all the major grades available for you to choose from: 3030, 3040, 3055, 4030, 4040, 4050 and 4055

Final Word: If you are searching for a top-quality manufacturer and supplier of marine products then you are at the right place.

Shield Lubricants is a Kuwait Dana Lubes (KDL) brand with a growing number of clients worldwide. We supply oils, lubricants and greases to major clients.

Our clients range from industrial conglomerates to governments and ministries around the world. We are one of the best and most trusted oils and lubricant manufacturers.

We only use the highest quality virgin base oils and chemical additive packages which come from the most reputable sources in the global industry. All our marine lubricants and oils are uniquely engineered to be nothing but the highest quality marine products.

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