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Shield’s Best Industrial Lubricants 2021

As a consumer, you need to consider several important factors while selecting the right industrial lubricants in 2021. At a time when everyone claims to be the best, you need to be careful while choosing the right lubricants or oils for your needs.

It’s always advisable to use an industrial lubricant that meets specific demands for applications. Good lubrication is a must for superior equipment life.

Now to determine which lubricant is best for an application, you must be aware of the fundamentals. These basics are temperature, moisture, load, vibration, dust, conditions and more.

We know it is not easy to select the right one but don’t worry, we are here to help you. If you are looking for a trusted supplier of industrial lubricants then you are at the right place. At Shield lubricants we maintain high standards of quality and customer experience.

We are one of the best manufactures and suppliers of industrial oil. We have clients across the world including conglomerates and governments organizations. You can buy our products with confidence. Let’s have a look at our best Industrial Lubricants 2021!

Shield’s best Industrial Lubricants 2021

Shield industrial oils are available in mineral and fully synthetic base with a wide variety of viscosity grades.

Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic oil

Shield’s Hydraulic Oils range is specifically formulated to meet all the requirements of industrial equipment. In response to our client’s needs, we have carefully engineered a wide product range of the finest Hydraulic Oils. They have superior multi-purpose and anti-wear qualities.

These lubricants are blended with premium quality virgin base oils. They are made up of carefully selected high quality additives. Our hydraulic oils have great demulsibility characteristics that add long service life to the industrial equipment.


  1. Excellent protection against wear and tear which is a common concern particularly for industrial use.
  2. Our hydraulic oils have exceptional demulsibility characteristics.
  3. It gives you excellent thermal and oxidation stability.
  4. Filterability and air release properties.
  5. It has effective anti-foam properties to resist foam build-up.

Vacuum Pump Oils

If you are searching for the best quality vacuum oils then you have come to the right destinations. Shields bring you the highest quality Vacuum Pump Oils which are blended from top quality virgin base oil.

We further add selected additives that bring properties to deal with rust, oxidation, and anti-foam.

Thus, providing optimal lubrication for vacuum pumps. These vacuum pump oils also possess great demulsibility characteristics and excellent thermal properties. This is required for better long service life for all types of vacuum pumps.

Compressor Oils

Shield’s Compressor Oils are uniquely developed to give top quality lubrication under high temperature and load conditions. Our oils are formulated to provide optimum results. These Compressor oils are blended from the best quality virgin and synthetic base oils.

It is further integrated with selected anti-oxidant, anti-rust and anti-foam additives to deliver the best results. At shield Lubricants, you get the highest quality compressor oils. We always strive to deliver the best industrial products and that makes us the best supplier and manufacturer of all types of oils & lubricants.

Turbine Oils

Ask any expert and they will recommend buying only the top-quality Turbine oils. There are a wide range of Turbine oils in the market both online and offline but you need to be careful before buying one. Buy only the premium oils for turbines and turbo compressors.

At Shields, we deliver the best quality Turbine Oils. These oils are derived from the highest quality virgin base oils and further blended with carefully selected antioxidants, anti-rust and anti-foam additives.

This gives you superior quality products. Our oils exhibit exceptional oxidation stability of the highest order and possess great demulsibility characteristics to provide long service life.

Shield Turbine Oils are the first and only Kuwaiti oil approved by SIEMENS globally. Join our growing family of customers from around the world.
Some of the Unique Features of Our Turbine Oils are as follows:

  • It possesses excellent thermal as well as great oxidation stability
  • Has great properties to fight rust and corrosion.
  • Has effective anti-foam properties to resist all sorts of foam build-up which is a common problem with turbines.
  • Has excellent demulsibility characteristics
  • Has a very long service life
  • Our Turbine Oil has great Filterability and air release properties

Circulating Oils

Circulating Oils

Shield’s circulating oils ensure advanced productivity, optimize performance, improve uptime in your critical systems, and offer superior protection against wear, corrosion and contamination.

When selecting the circulating oil, you should always keep in mind the application environment for better results. Buy top quality circulating oils from us today!

Industrial Gear Oils

Selecting the right Industrial Gear Oil and Lubricant is essential for best performance. Doing some research while buying these industrial products can have considerable importance. Don’t worry! We deliver only the best to our clients.

Shield Industrial Gear Oils are built to withstand extreme pressure. It is the best type of industrial gear oil you can ever get, which has unique sulphur -phosphorus compounds. These oils are blended only from the highest quality premium virgin base oils. These are further treated with extreme pressure additives to enhance the performance.

Final Word – You should always plan ahead for extreme conditions. Choosing the right industrial lubricant or oil is even more essential if you operate in an adverse environment. Such as areas that are prone to high moisture, corrosion, or extreme temperatures.

It becomes critical to equipment life and hence you should select only the best lubricant and related industrial products. Our range of industrial lubricants and oil work efficiently to increase performance, reduce friction, resist load and wear, and prevent corrosion.

With our products, you can expect increased equipment life and superior output. All your requirements will be fulfilled within a short span of time. Join Get in touch with us today for more!

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