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Principles of Lubrication

If we want to understand the principles of Lubrication, it becomes extremely important to learn about Viscosity because Viscosity is perhaps the single-most important factor and characteristic of oil which directly impacts the performance of the engine. Let’s go back to the definition to get a clear understanding!

Viscosity is a measure of resistance of oil to flow, and is measured at one or more standardized temperatures so that we can discover viscosity grades of engine oils. It’s very important to know that the viscosity of engine oil changes frequently just as the temperature of the oil changes.

Now that we have read about viscosity, for better understanding of principles of lubrication; let’s also know more about friction and its types:



Friction provides resistance as a form of force when two different surfaces attempt to move relevant to each other. Lubricant reduces and further eliminates this friction

There are three main types of friction. They are:

  • Sliding friction
  • Rolling friction
  • Fluid friction

Choose the right lubricant

Principles of Lubrication

To ensure performance at optimal levels, bearings often require sufficient lubrication. Only when it is properly applied, lubricants reduce friction and bring down the amount of wear and tear. Thus, lubricants play a vital role in the performance, maintenance and efficiency of these equipment’s. Let’s know about the lubricants as well!

Selecting proper lubricant for different equipment can make a lot of difference when it comes to the performance and longevity of equipment, tools, systems or engines. Proper lubricant ensures smooth, reliable and optimum performance whereas the wrong choice of lubricant can result in frequent need of maintenance and service disruption.

Precision Bearing Lubrication

Principles of Lubrication

• Reduce friction: Lubricants specifically prevent surface to surface contact between the bearings. The right lubricant can help maintain a thin hydrodynamic film which remains consistent irrespective of the machinery’s speed or heat temperature.

• Prevent contamination: Many forms of specialty lubricants produced by quality lubricant manufacturers (lube Oil Company) can easily keep contaminants away from the sensitive internal parts & components. It further reduces the risk of oxidation or corrosion.

• Transfer heat: There are lubricants available whose purpose is to absorb heat energy and conduct it away from the bearing to ensure safe and conducive operational temperatures.

Let’s also look at the types of lubricants available in the market. It comes in three basic forms for industrial applications. They are as follows:

• Oils and fluid lubricants
• Dry lubricant powders and films for precise placement
• Semi-solid or solid grease products (Similar to fluid lubricants but includes a thickening agent)

It is also very important to match the service life of the grease to that of the service life of the bearing.

By using the correct grease would mean;

Cost-effective and easy maintenance: Generally grease lubricants are pretty affordable solutions. But the key is using the right lubricant which might also save companies a lot of money by increasing the bearing longevity and easy maintenance.

• Low levels of friction buildup: It keeps a check on the level of friction and reduces frictional buildup during equipment start and during its continued operation.

• Long product life: It can very much last a long time without degrading when we talk about operational application.

• Suitability in a number of circumstances: Greases can be used for lubrication in machinery across various industries. It not only reduces friction in low speed but in high-speed bearings as well and can easily be used in equipment which requires dynamic speed levels.

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