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Mould Release Oils

SAE 10W40 – Diesel Engine Oils


SHIELD MOULD RELEASE OIL is carefully blended after extensive research using advanced chemicals and mineral oils giving it these unique properties.

This oil ensures smooth concrete surfaces and leaves the mould free any concrete or mortar deposits eliminating excess labour time requiring In cleaning the mould surfaces before re-use.

SHIELD MOULD RELEASE OIL having superior chemicals gives the oil excellent water-repelling Properties thus protecting wooden moulds from rotting and steel moulds from rusting. The chemical ensure that the oil adheres to the mould preventing corrosion or oxidation of the moulds when used in times industries or other application where there is a possibility of material reacting with and corroding the steel Moulds.

The advanced formulation technology allows the moulding processes subjected to high to high temperatures where steam or heat-transfer oils are used as the heating medium.

It can be applied by brush, spray and other automated machines in continuous production lines.

Grades Available