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Lubrication and Greasing

There are millions of machines, industrial equipment’s and advanced industrial tools that work around the clock. These machineries are not just limited to a particular industry but are spread across sectors like

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Maritime and others.

With emerging activities and constant use of tools, machineries and industrial equipment, arises a need to ensure proper greasing and lubrication of those tools on a regular bases to ensure proper functioning, optimize efficiency and to maintain operational readiness.

Be it the ball screws. Heavy engines, bearings or rollers, they continuously work and take loads of beating.

In many of these cases, these industrial tools, machinery and equipment tend to give up due to many factors like

  • Erosion
  • Rusting
  • Corrosion
  • Pitting
  • Skewing

Hence there is an imminent need to keep a check on it and in fact prevent any fault or damage by ensuring proper greasing and lubrication of all these vital tools.

bearings or rollers

Greasing is being used since the advent of the industrial revolution. Engineers and employees working in all those industries who handle such equipment’s always use greasing methods to ensure proper and effective functioning because handling these equipments becomes much easier.

These types of techniques offer high protective sealing capabilities to the spare parts.

Another common alternative which is used is oil or lubricant, it smoothes, fights friction, heat generation, controls corrosion and normalizes temperature thus making the equipment best suitable for optimum production and higher output.

Regular applications of greasing and lubrication is very critical for the functioning of the machines, parts and tools, to avoid any hindrance, when it comes to the production activities and to also sustain proper bearing functions.

Both these methods of greasing as well as lubrication are considered to be most effective by industry experts and engineers because it simply increases the shelf life and also boost bearing reliability of equipment of all kinds (irrespective of which industry it is used in)


Let’s first of all understand what a rolling bearing is!


A rolling bearing, also commonly known as rolling-element bearing is a bearing which carries a load by placing rolling elements between the two bearing rings called races.

Rolling bearings generally are precision bearings, for e.g. balls or rollers, its purpose is to carry loads in a wide variety of applications with relatively little resistance or friction. They are considered as highly durable in toughest of conditions and also maintain a long shelf life.

Engineers often use grease to lubricate these bearings because it is very easy to handle and at the same time protects sealing capabilities of the system. When applied properly, rolling bearing lubrication/greasing reduces the friction and abrasions caused by direct metal-to-metal contact, transports heat generated by friction, prolongs overall bearing service life, prevent any harmful rust or corrosion.

Therefore, Greasing and Lubrication is an extremely crucial part of rolling bearing success, and also the successful functioning of many heavy industrial equipments, tools and machineries.

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