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Industrial, Automotive and Marine Lubricant Manufacturer and Supplier

There are various categories of oils and lubricants available in the market. These oils are mostly used for industrial equipment, machine parts, and other components. While some are brought to use for industrial or automotive purposes, others have much deeper applications in the marine industry.

So there are all kinds of oils and lubricants available and you just have to choose the right one. Make sure you go for quality products only depending upon the requirements and factors such as viscosity, grade and more. Let’s find out more!

Industrial Oil, Marine Oil, and Automotive Oil And Their Uses

Industrial Oils

Lubricant helps reduce friction between the two surfaces when they come in mutual contact. Industrial lubricant reduces the heat generated when industrial equipment or machinery comes in contact with one another.

There are various industrial applications of these lubricants. However, the primary use of industrial oils and lubricant is for machinery. They are divided into grades according to viscosity, medium, and types of material. Make sure you buy industrial lubricants from trusted manufactures and suppliers only. The quality of lubricants play a critical role and hence you should go with high-quality industrial oils.

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Industrial Oil

Marine Oil

Marine Oil is a type of lubricating oil for marine engines. Its main applications lie in the operations of marine equipment, tools and machines. Marine engine oil has a great ability to resist stress and load, fight moisture and prevent corrosion.

It has an extremely strong film strength which helps to protect engine parts under extreme pressures which no other type of oil or lubricant can do. Marine oil is put through specific tests to determine the quality and appropriateness of the oil to assess its readiness for marine use. There are plenty of tests that check the viscosity, foaming, lubrication, and rust tests.

Marine Lubricants

Automotive Oil

It is a lubricant primarily used in internal combustion engines. It has wide applications in the automotive industry and helps power car engines, motorcycles, engine generators, and many other tools and machines.

It helps protect the engine against wear & tear and also prevents it from frequent repairs. These oils are made up of additives that help remove contaminants, absorb heat, and reduce friction. Again, there are a wide variety of automotive oils available depending upon the use.

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Automotive Oil

Some of the key uses of these lubricants are as follows:

  • Reduces friction between the surfaces
  • Helps prevent wear and tear
  • Keeps the temperature under control
  • Dissipates heat
  • Protects the equipment from corrosion
  • Keeps a check on contamination i.e carry contaminants to a filter or a sump
  • Transmit power in the form of hydraulics
  • Act as a fluid seal

Are you looking for a trusted lubricant manufacturer or supplier? Are you searching for a company that does not compromise with quality? Well, we understand that finding a good quality product and a trusted manufacturer or supplier for all your needs is of utmost importance. So if these are some of the questions that you are seeking answers to then don’t worry! This detailed article would uncover some of the secrets to help you. Without further ado, let’s get started!

How to know if a manufacturer or supplier is good?

That’s the most important question. It is in the minds of all the companies or individuals looking for a good company to associate with for all their needs. Here are some of the factors you must check before dealing with any company.


A good sign of a trust worthy manufacturing companies is transparency. They understand the important of this factor because it is a key differentiator for their business in the market. They follow fair business standards. And always maintain transparency with their clients and customers.

So before you do business with an oil manufacturing company, you should carefully assess how transparent and fair they are. Everyone claims to be the best in the world however when you start dealing with them they show you a different picture.


Quality and Expertise

Good manufacturers consistently maintain quality irrespective of market behavior because they understand the importance of quality. Before you decide to buy any lubricants you need to do some work to find out more about the quality of the products that the company offers.

Quality and Expertise

Brand and Trustworthiness

Always spend some time to research how good the company or their brand is. If a company is in the business of manufacturing and supplying oil, lubricants and lubes then there would be enough information available about their business online. Some of the best companies in the world, irrespective of their domain, are known for their brand, quality and trustworthiness. It is possible only through exceptional products and by building trust with the clients and customers.

Types of Brake Fluid


Good oil and lubricant manufacturing companies do not compromise with the quality and pricing of their products. They do not increase or decrease their pricing irrationally. They know the value of their products and its quality standards. There are different types of lubricants available in the market. The pricing is determined depending upon their grades. A good and trusted company would never downgrade their products nor do they reduce/increase the prices significantly. It may make them uncompetitive in the market in the long run.

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Customer Experience

We all love to deal with automotive oil manufacturers or lubricant manufacturers who are consumer centric. Any company who does not respect and appreciate their customers does not fare well in the market. Eventually, we all want to associate with a good company for our oil and lubricant requirements.

Customer Experience

Final Word: These are some of the basic factors that you should look at carefully before doing business with an oil manufacturing company. If you are looking for a one stop destination for all your oil and lubricant needs then you are at the right place.

At Shield Lubricants, we are one of the leading oil manufacturers in the industry with decades of experience in this area. We are known worldwide for our great quality lubricants. We have a wide range of products and services which will meet all your requirements. You may get in touch with us to know more.

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