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How to pick the right motor oil for your car?

Everyone talks about picking the right motor oil, but the question that comes to everyone’s mind is – how to pick the right one? What are the factors that one must look at before choosing motor oil for his car? These are some of the frequently asked questions by everyone.

While every brand presents their product as the best in the market, it becomes increasingly difficult to find who the best is. All the lubricant manufacturers and lubricant suppliers claim to be the best in the world but are they really the best? This article is just to clear the air and to share with the readers the important factors that you must keep in mind while choosing the right engine oil for your car.

Here are some of the things that you should take into consideration:

First of all, understand the Labels – Every container has a label and a description of motor oil. The API mark on the right indicates the oil performance level and whether or not the oil meets the current “S” service requirements for your car (It is “C” for vehicles using diesel engines).
It also has the viscosity number SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) that tells you that this oil falls into a specific viscosity range you should check if it meets your can requirements from the owner’s manual. Similarly, there may be other indicators like whether it is synthetic based or mineral based or a mix of both. You should always check it to identify the best product.

Viscosity – Viscosity is a fluid’s resistance to flow and it has a specific range set by the society of automotive engineers (SAE) represented by a number that is specified as SAE grade.

There are two types of oils monograde oil which has one SAE number (example SAE 40) these oils have limited operating temperatures and are not suitable for very cold weather. And there are multi grade oils which are suitable for use year round they can operate at very hot and very cold weather usually represented by the letter “W” preceded by a number the lower the number the more tolerable the oil is to very lower temperatures. Example would be 10w-30 the second number “30” represents the actual viscosity range of this oil at 100. ° C which is set by SAE.

Brand – Look at the brand as well as is value in the market. The better the brand, the better the quality. So, always buy the right kind of motor oil for your car from a branded manufacturer. After all, a brand becomes a brand when it meets customer expectations and delivers consistent quality products. There are multiple quality checks and audits that a product has to pass through if it is from a branded company.

Look at the reviews and customer feedback – Before you buy the product, How they used the product how well it preformed and how much value they get for the money they paid. So it is worth looking at the reviews.

There are various types of motor oil and lubricants available in the market based on the requirement. You have oil available for brakes; you have a different type of lubricant available for the engine, clutch, and other parts of your car. So choose carefully and buy the best product because it plays a significant role and adds life to your car.

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