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Guide To Prolong The Life Of Your Car’s Engine

No car owner wants surprises in the form of unnecessary maintenance and repair costs. And to avoid that, regular maintenance and checkups are required. It will help your car engine run smoothly for a longer period of time. Our driving habits also play a significant role in determining how healthy the engine is. Poor driving habits can shorten your engine’s life. But don’t worry, there are some best practices that can help you improve your car’s performance and prolong the life of the engine. If you are wondering what those practices are then you are at the right place.

Here are the proven ways to prolong the life of your car’s engine. Let’s find out!

Correct Selection And Regular Replacement Of Engine Oil

Little do we realize the importance of engine oil. We often forget to timely replace the engine oil which takes a toll on the performance of the engine and in turn it burns more fuel. To prolong the life of the engine, you should select the right engine oil depending upon the grade and viscosity and make sure you regularly replace it. We often don’t pay attention to the grade of engine oil that we use and it is often the result of low performance. Make sure you check the viscosity levels and the grade before buying the right set of engine oil for your car.

How to take care of car engine

Keeping The Cooling System In Good Condition

Coolant and the cooling system is another crucial element that can make or break the life of the engine. You should keep a close check on the coolant levels and make sure you refill it whenever it reaches below the threshold. The cooling chamber plays a critical role in keeping the engine cooled so it can perform optimally and efficiently.

Refusal To Use Additives To Oil Or Fuel

One of the common mistakes that we make is using low-quality engine oil or fuel in order to save some cost but we often don’t pay attention to the long-term impact of such decisions on our car’s engine. Experts recommend using the finest quality engine oil and lubricants for optimum performance. Never settle for low-quality fuel or lubricants as this could degrade the life of the engine in the long run.

Routine Replacement of other Consumable Parts

Invest in genuine car parts and components. Whether it is a small part or a costly repair, you should only go for high-quality parts from branded suppliers. Electrical components play a huge role too so make sure you find a good replacement. Routinely replace the tires, gearbox, wires, and anything that feels worn out or out of shape.

Car Engine check

Check And Remove Oil Leaks

Get your car serviced regularly from an authorized service center to fix any oil leaks from the engine box. One of the first indicators of leaks is the exhaust smoke. Oil leaks can result in serious engine problems and hence you should get it closely inspected by an expert. You should also check the coolant levels to see if there are any leaks. Dirty coolant can be another sign that there is a potential leak somewhere.

You should follow these expert-recommended practices to keep your car’s engine healthy. As long as you follow a good maintenance and service regime, you can easily prolong the life of the engine significantly. Use high-standard engine oil, transmission oil, and fuel for optimum level of performance from your car.

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