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Shield’s Best Automotive Lubricants 2021

Choosing the right lubricant is not easy these days particularly when there is a wide range of products and everyone claims to be the best.

Certain parameters must be checked before buying the lubricants. Finding good quality automotive lubricants requires some knowledge.

You should always buy lubricants or engine oils from trusted manufacturers or suppliers only. And, we are here to bring you the best and finest quality automotive lubricants.

Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at some of the popular lubricants and oils from Shield.

Shield oils are one of the top quality lubricants. Shield lubricants are one of the trusted names in automotive lubricants industry.

Listed below all Shield automotive lubricants and fluids.

Diesel Engine Oils

Shield’s Diesel Engine Oil range is specially formulated to meet all the requirements of diesel engines.

In response to expert needs, Shield has engineered a product range of finest diesel engine oils which reduces frictional resistance and offers complete protection against heat and corrosion.

Shield diesel engine oils are extra premium high quality heavy-duty diesel engine oil.

It is blended with high standard virgin base oil with advanced additives which produces the best lubrication.

It assures excellent protection against high-temperature engine deposits, oil degradation, and oil thickening and corrosion resistance.

A complete range of diesel engine oil with all API grades such as:

CH4, CI4, CJ4, and CK4 are available.

Diesel Engine Oils

Gasoline Engine Oils

Shield’s gasoline engine oil is premium quality Engine Oil blended with virgin base oils and highly advanced additives.

It delivers excellent protection against oil degradation and high-temperature engine deposits.

It assists in sealing and also contributes to cooling the engine and keeps a check on harmful combustion by-products.

It forms a thick oil film to protect the engine parts from all kinds of friction and wear.

 Grades Available are SJ, SL, SM, SN.

Gasoline Engine Oils


If you are looking for top quality coolant for your automobile then here is the answer.

Shield’s Polar Cool is an all-year-round antifreeze engine coolant for radiators of all types of automotive vehicles.

It is carefully formulated with Ethylene Glycol and a corrosion inhibitor which is further dyed fluorescent green for ready identification.

Shield’s Polar Cool has a very long service life. It protects nonmetallic systems and crucial components like gaskets, hoses and thrust seals.

It also has superior corrosion protection and offers excellent low-temperature properties.

It keeps your engine safe and protected against overheating.

Grades Available are 30%, 50% and 100%


Gear Oils

Shield’s Gear Oils is a multipurpose, extreme pressure, multigrade superior quality gear oil.

It meets or exceeds the performance requirements of all the leading OEMs, truck and gearbox manufacturers.

It is an all-year-round gear oil that ensures proper lubrication at cold starts and with a minimum associated power loss.

The gear oil provides supreme performance in passenger cars and trucks operating in both on-road & off-road conditions and at very high-temperature conditions.

Shield’s gear oil has excellent extreme pressure protection.

It has a low foaming tendency even during high speeds. It comes with very high oxidation stability even at high temperatures.

Gear oil has no effects on elastomers and other sealing rubbers. It offers excellent adhesive lube film, stable at high operating temperatures.

 Grades Available are GL1, GL4 & GL5

Gear Oil

Brake Fluid

Your automobile must have the best quality brake fluid. Shield’s Brake Fluid comes with antioxidants, metal deactivators and corrosion inhibitors to provide a much longer service life for all the critical brake components.

The fluids have a high boiling point which ensures that vapour lock problems during high temperatures do not occur.

It has a high boiling point. Shield’s brake fluid has excellent low-temperature properties and corrosion protection.

It significantly improves the longevity of brake parts and components. Provides excellent compatibility with rubber seals.

 Grades Available are DOT3 and DOT4

Brake Fluid

Radiator Water

Usually we compromise with radiator water and don’t look for top quality. Shield’s Radiator Water is a coolant fluid used in systems where a radiator is present.

The radiator fluid is fluorescent green in color and is formulated carefully with special additives such as corrosion inhibitors to protect the crucial vehicle parts.

This coolant can be used during the summer and in moderately cold temperatures.

Radiator Water

ATF Dexron III

ATF is an Automatic Transmission Fluid. Shield’s Automatic Transmission Fluid Dexron III Fully Synthetic is a premium quality automatic transmission gear oil.

It is exclusively formulated with synthetic base oils and nicely balanced additives to meet ATF requirements for all types of modern-day automatic transmission vehicles and their power shift & steering units.

Grades Available are Fully Synthetic and Ultra.

ATF Dexron III

Power Steering Oil

Shield’s Power Steering Oil is a premium quality lubricating oil blended with a premium quality virgin base oil and carefully selected additives.

It is fortified with necessary additives to provide extra protection.

Two-Cycle Oil

Shield’s Two-Cycle Oil TCW-III is low ash superior two-cycle oil.

It is specifically formulated to meet the critical requirements of high performance, water-cooled two-stroke engines.

It comes blended with virgin base oils and ultra-additives to offer the best possible lubrication. It is distinctively dyed blue to promote easy identification.

Final Word – If you are searching for a one-stop destination for all your oil and lubricant needs then Shield Lubricants is the right place.

At Shield Lubricants, we are industry-leading oil and grease manufacturers with decades of experience and proven field expertise.

We are known worldwide for our top quality Industrial, Automotive and Marine Oils and Lubricants.

Choose from our wide range of top-quality products.


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