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7 Properties of Turbine Oils

Of late there has been an increase in awareness around sustainability and ecological issues which have led to industries choosing the best quality oils and lubricants for their operational use. Turbine oil is always in good demand because of its critical applications and superior properties.

Turbine oil is known for its high exposure to extreme temperatures and weights therefore users need to ensure they find great quality turbine oil which is rich in properties such as viscosity, anti-corrosion & rust and must offer great stability.

Because of the high cost and the sustainability issues surrounding servicing, maintaining and changing the oil in turbines, there has been an increased interest as far as the monitoring process for the oil and equipment is concerned.

Don’t worry! You are at the right place on the web where you would find factual information on this topic. In this detailed blog, we will delve deeper into the key properties of turbine oil for better understanding. Let’s have a look!

Turbine oil, because of the nature of its application under high temperatures and pressures, must maintain good properties for the smooth functioning of the turbine.

Here are the 7 properties a good quality turbine oil is known for:


Depending upon the type of the turbine, the viscosity of the oil required is determined. It generally depends on the number of ring bearings, functions and pressure under which the turbine operates.

For large turbines or turbines used specifically for marine industries, viscosity is a critical factor for assessing the quality of turbine oil. There is a wide range of viscosity grades available to choose from. You should find the right product with appropriate viscosity for the best results.


It is common for turbines to form an emulsion of water in oil and this presence of water is often due to condensation, leaks, or something else thus it becomes important to separate the oil from the water for better efficiency.

Turbine oil should have great demulsibility. The separation of water from oil is critical for turbines and industrial machinery. It can improve the life of the oil and the turbine.

Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Rust

Corrosion is a common chemical reaction bound to occur due to oxidative products present in the oil. Rusting on the other hand is also a reaction taking place due to the presence of water and air on iron and steel.

Good quality turbine oil has the properties to counter both rust and corrosion to enhance the life and performance of the machinery.

Stability Against Oxidation

It is normal for oils to oxidise at high temperatures or whenever they come in contact with the air. It leads to the formation of harmful acids and oxidative compounds. All of it can result in the formation of deposits, and can also give rise to the valves and circuits.

Most of the time, oxidation is the main cause behind the malfunction of the turbine and the key equipment. It is destructive for the machinery and impacts the arrangement of valves and circuits causing hardware glitches. Thus, great quality turbine oil has a greater ability to withstand oxidation and give excellent results.

Resistance to Frothing/Foaming

Occurrence of foam and frothing reduces the properties of the lubricants and promotes oxidation because of continuous contact with air. This causes a significant loss of performance and also leads to malfunctioning.

Good turbine oil has great properties to counter these in the bud which leads to better output and performance.


Much like the separation of water, it is important for the air to be separated too. These kinds of problems are common in turbine systems.

Good turbine oil has the properties to separate the air and keep it under check so there is no damage or wear and tear to the bearings and pumps.

It is critical to remove the excess air from the oil quickly and to prevent the build-up of oil/air emulsions within the turbines.


Turbine oils offer good stability in long-term storage. It is crucial for the oil that you use to have stability which helps maintain the properties of oil for long periods. All the contaminants are removed and the impurities settle outside for smooth functioning of the turbine.

Therefore, before you purchase the turbine oil for your needs, you should check the quality first. Turbine oil which you are going to use must have these properties for better efficiency, performance and output. Seek advice from an expert if you are unsure of the quality of oil you are buying.

There is a wide range of industrial products available in the market to choose from. You must check the grading and viscosity of the lubricants or oils properly for seamless performance.

If you are looking for the best quality industrial oils or lubricants for turbines then you are at the right place. At Shields Lubricants, we offer you the best quality turbine oils. You can buy our products in confidence as they are of superior quality.

Some of the salient features of our turbine oil are as follows:

● Excellent thermal and oxidation stability
● Effective anti-foam properties to resist foam build-up
● Outstanding rust and corrosion control
● Excellent demulsibility characteristics
● Significantly long service life
● Excellent Filterability
● Air release properties

At Shield Lbricants, we bring to you the highest quality Turbine oils. These are premium oils for turbines and turbo compressors. Our oils are nicely blended from virgin base oils and carefully selected additives that have anti-oxidants, anti-rust and anti-foam properties.

Our turbine oils exhibit oxidation stability of the highest order and provide good demulsibility characteristics thus giving you long service life. Shield Turbine Oils have become the first and only Kuwaiti oil that is approved by SIEMENS globally. Reach out to us today to know more!

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